Recent Projects:

Custom Mobile Equipment for Farm Automation

Automation of mechanisms using a custom control box using a PLC, screen, stepper motors, and Gecko stepper
drives to robotize the machine and allow autonomous operation in farm field conditions.   Custom mechanical work
to upgrade the generating capacity of the mobile platform. 
An NDA limits my ability to further elaborate on this cutting edge machine development.


Flow WaterJet CNC control replacement

Replaced original Flow control with new Open Source LinuxCNC PC based control in conjuction with a Siemens
S7-1200 PLC to handle the high pressure pump system (100hp) interlocks and monitoring system.
Replaced the existing Yaskawa Servo drives with new Teco servo drives.Replaced the original control panel that was
not air tight with a new air tight / air conditioned control panel that housesthe control PC (custom assembled),
the CAD PC and the new Siemens PLC system.    The customer fabricated new operator stands.  
We worked with the customer to minimize costs by utilizing their skilled labor to assist with the installation. 



A second Flow waterjet control replacement is scheduled at the same plant.


Faustel Web Converting Machine control system retrofit

Replaced an existing Siemens 505 PLC system with a Siemens S7-1500 PLC system.
Replaced two 12" CTC Touchscreens with two Siemens TP1200 Touchscreens.
Replaced 8 obsolete Siemens Vector Drives with a new Siemens S120/CU320-2 DP common DC bus drive system.
Programmed the new equipment to mimic the operation of the old equipment including the unwinder and winder functionality at the ends of the line.
Tearout, installation, and rewiring was accomplished over a two week shutdown period.

The main rack of the PLC that was removed and replaced:



Custom Machine Re-Control

Removed controls from existing rubber processing stations and replaced with new control panel with Siemens S7-1200 controls and a Siemens
TP1200 Touch screen.   The Siemens TP1200 Touch screen provides basic operator controls along with the rewired pushbutton panel and
provides an OPC server that will be utilized to gather process data for SPC.